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Date: 03 Nov 2022
Subject: Website Updates November 2022

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Jai Sat Chit Anand
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to get an insight on the topic of 'સ્વજનોના મૃત્યુ સમયે દાદાશ્રીની જ્ઞાનદશા'
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Diwali And New Year 2022
Event Highlights
AptaSankul Opening-2022
New Videos
PMHT Shibir 2017 Total 24 Parts
PMHT Shibir 2018 Total 24 Parts
Subtitles of Samayiks

In English:

1. Prakrutinu Dharyu na Thay Tya Ubhi Thati Aadaione Jovi (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) Parayan) To See the Obstinacy that Arises when the Will of the relative - self is not Satisfied

2. Kashay Rahit Vyavhar Thay evi Gnan Jagrati Gothavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) Parayan) Set such Awakened Awareness of the Self that all worldly interactions are without kashay.

In Hindi:
1. बावा के स्वरूप को जैसा है वैसा पहचान कर, खड़े हुए कषायों के सामने ज्ञान सेट करना Bavana Swaroopne Jem Chhe Tem Odakhi Ubha Thayela Kashayo same Gnan Gothavavu (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh) Parayan)
2. रिलेटिव चीजों के आधार-अवलंबन के सामने ‘खुद’ के स्वरूप के अवलंबन की समझ सेट करना Relative Chijona Adhar-Avlambano Same Potana Swroopna Avlambanni Samajan Gothavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh) Parayan)

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