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Date: 04 May 2024
Subject: Website Updates May 2024

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Jai Sat Chit Anand
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to get an insight on the topic of ‘અક્રમ વિજ્ઞાન થકી અનુભવ્યો નિઃશંક આત્મા’
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Subtitles of Samayiks

In English:

1. Pragna Padma Besine Hu pase Atmagunoni Bhajna Karavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh) (Sitting as the representative of the Self, make the developing ‘I’ to worship the attributes of the Self)

2. Nafa - Nukhshanna Prasangoma Vyaktio Sathe Thayela Raag - Dwesh Jova (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh) (To See the Attachment or Abhorrence that occurs during the Incidents of Profit or Loss)

In Hindi:
1. सामने वाले व्यक्ति में दिखाई देते दोष, गलतियाँ या नेगेटिव खुद में कहाँ हैं उन्हें देखना Sami Vyaktima Dekhata Dosho, Bhulo ke Negative Potanama Kya Thay Chhe te Jovu (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh)
2. जीवन में मिलने वाले व्यक्ति या कार्य को फाइल के रुप में पहचानना और समभाव से निकाल करने की जागृति सेट करना Jivanma Bhegi Thati Pratyek Vyaktio ke Karyone File Swaroope Olkhi Sambhave Nikalni jagruti Gothavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh)

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