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Date: 05 May 2018
Subject: Website Updates May 2018

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  Jai Sat Chit Anand ,


Download the Wallpaper for May-2018 .


Photo Gallery
Enjoy the snapshots taken during Germany Tour 2018 and UK Shibir 2018.




Read May’s Dadavani to get an insight on the topic of ’છૂટવાના લક્ષે સિન્સિયારિટી’


New Videos
1.Adjust Everywhere (English) (13- Parts)
2. A Film on Pujya Niruma (German)
Recent satsang
Subtitles of Samayiks
In English:
1. Koi Pan Paristitima Negetivity Ubhi Thavanu Karan Potano Dosh Che Evi Jagrati Gothavi (Aptavani 7 Parayan) (Where Negativity arises in any circumstance set the Awareness that the Fault is Mine)
2. Jivanma Ubha Thayela Savla – Avla Sanjogo Potana Hisabe j Che Aevi Gnan Jagruti Gothavi (Aptavani 7 Parayan) (Set the Awareness of the Self that the right – wrong circumstances that arise in your life are due to your own karmic account)
In Hindi:
1. सेवा में किए गए कषायों को देखना Sevaa Aapti vakhate thayelaa Kashaayo ne jovaa (Aptavani 4 Parayan)
2.वाणी के व्यवहार में सामने वाली व्यक्ति के प्रति अभिप्राय और कषायों का एनालिसिस Vani na Vayavhar ma Sami vyakti mate na Abhipraya (Aptavani 4 Parayan)
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