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Date: 06 Jun 2021
Subject: Website Updates June 2021

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Jai Sat Chit Anand
Read Dadavani for the month of June to gain insight on the topic of મહાત્માઓને અંતિમકાળે અવશ્ય સમાધિદશા
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Wallpaper for the Month of June.

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New Videos
Janma Jayanti 2000(93-Rajkot) Total 8 Parts
Janma Jayanti 2003(96-Vadodara) Total 20 Parts
Adalaj Hindi Shibir 2017 total 20 Parts
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Samayiks with Subtitles
लोभ की ग्रंथि के कारण क्या चाहिए वह देखना
Lobhni Ganthne Laine Shu Joiye Chhe Te Jovu Ap-13(Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) Parayan)
पोतापना को पहचानकर, उसेक सामने जुदापना की जागृति सेट करना
Potapanane Olkhi Teni Same Judapanani Jagruti Gothavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) Paraya
To Clear the Effects That Have Arose Due To Misunderstandings With The Application of Gnan
Ansamjanthi Ubhi Thayeli Asarone Gnane Karine Chokhkhi Karvi (Aptavani 3 Parayan)
Applying the Awareness of Separation against File 1’s Large Karmic Tuber
File-1ni Moti Ganth Same Judapanani Jagruti Gothavavi (Aptavani 3 Parayan)
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