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Date: 08 Jun 2016
Subject: Website Updates June 2016

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Jai Sat Chit Anand .








Read Dadavani for the month of June to gain insight on the topic of બાળકોના પાલક બનો, માલિક નહીં
Available in EPUB, MOBI, HTML, Audiobook and PDF.


Desktop Wallpaper and Mobile Wallpaper
Wallpaper for the Month of June.






Photo Gallery
Enjoy the snapshots taken during Hindi shibir 2016 .


New Videos
Bhilai Satsang 2010 (Total 18 Parts - 9 Parts in Hindi and 9 Parts in Marathi)




Subtitles of Beginners Videos
1. Banyu te j nyay (Whatever has happened is justice)
2. Bhaav Karma (Charge Karma)


New Book
In Oriya
1. Who Am I
2. Adjust Everywhere .






Subtitles of Samayiks
In Hindi:
1. मिठास के दोषो में तन्मयता के सामने जागृति- Pratikraman Parayan 2009 (Mithaas Naa Dosho Naa Tanmayaakaar Saame Jaagruti)
In English:
1. To See The Opinions Given And Prejudices Maintained During Worldly Interactions- Aptavani 4 - Parayan 2012 (Vyavharma Apayela Abhiprayo Ane Purvgrahone Jova)




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