From: Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Date: 05 Jul 2016
Subject: Website Updates July 2016

Dadabhagwan Egroup
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Jai Sat Chit Anand ,


Dadavani July


Dadavani available in various format.




Desktop Wallpaper and Mobile Wallpaper for the Month of July.


Photo Gallery


Take a look at the photographs of Brazil tour - 2016 .

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New Videos

General Topics (Gujarati) (Total 9 Parts)


Self help

New addition to the Self Help section on the website on the topic of 'Spardha' in Gujarati.


Subtitles of Beginners Videos

1. Bhaav Pratikraman (Reversal of aggression in thoughts, speech and actions by changing the inner intent (Pratikraman))
2. Bhagwan Karta Nathi(God Is Not the Doer) .


New Books

In German

1. Sorgen (Worries)
2. Geld (The Science Of Money)


Subtitles of Samayiks

In Hindi

1. पाशवी आनंद- Pratikraman Parayan 2009 (Paashvi Anand)
2. करीबी व्यक्तियों को तीव्र कषाय से तिरस्कार-तरछोड़-Pratikraman Parayan 2009 (Najik Ni Vyaktio Ne Tivra Kashaay Thi Tiraskaar Tarchhod)

In English

1. Asking for forgiveness for the mistakes of sexuality and sexual impulses with living beings- Aptavani-7 Parayan-2013 (Mishra Chetan Sathe Thayela Vishay-Vikari Doshona Pratikraman)
2. To observe faults that have happened while trying to improve others- Klesh Vinanu Jivan 2012 (Samane Sudhrva Mate Thayela Dosho Ne Jova)


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