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Subject: Website Updates January 2021

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Jai Sat Chit Anand .








Read Dadavani for the month of January to gain insight on the topic of 'સમજીએ ‘આકર્ષણ દોષ’ તો ચેતાય' .
Desktop Wallpaper and Mobile Wallpaper
Wallpaper for the Month of January.






New Videos
Pujya Deepakbhai Sange Satsang Thi Soneri Prabhat
(Series - 10) Total 127 Parts
(Series - 11) Total 125 Parts
(Series - 12) Total 125 Parts
(Series - 13) Total 135 Parts







Subtitles of Samayiks
In English:
1. File-1 Na Discharge Malne Gney Swaroope Jova (Aptavani -08 Parayan) (To See Discharge of File 1’s Stock of Karma as an Object)
2. Prakrutine Gney Swarupe Judi Jovi (Aptavani -08 Parayan) (To See the Prakruti (relative self) As Separate and as an Object)
In Hindi:
1. कम्पैरिज़न और बुद्धि के दखल के सामने ज्ञान सेट करना Comparision ane Budhhina Dakha Same Gnan Gothavvu (Aptavani-13(Purvardh) Parayan)
2. सत्संग के व्यवहार में सहाध्यायियों के साथ हुए दोषों का देखना Satsangna Vyavharma Sahadhyayio Sathe Thaayela Doshone Jova (Aptavani -13(Purvardh) Parayan)




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