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Date: 07 Feb 2023
Subject: Website Updates February 2023

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Download the Wallpaper for February 2023 Desktop and Mobile .
Read February’s Dadavani to get an insight on the topic of '‘પોઝિટિવ જુઓ, આનંદમાં રહો’ : ભાગ-૨'
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Janma Jayanti 2017(Rajkot) Total 23 Parts
General Topics(Gujarati) Total 14 Parts
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Food Mela-2023
Subtitles of Samayiks
In English:

1. File-1ni Tamam Kriyama Potani Jatne Asangpanathi Nirleppanathi Judi Anubhavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) (Experiencing All of File1’s Activities in the State of being Free from all Association and Remaining Untouched)

2. Koipan Dharmvala, Mahatmao Ke Sahadhyayio Pratye Thayela Viradhakbhavone Jova (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) (To see where one has deliberately slandered and criticized followers of other religions, mahatmas or fellow spiritual colleagues)

In Hindi:

1. विषय के मोह के कारण हुए कपट-दाँव-पेंच के सामने सही समझ सेट करनाा Vishayna Mohthi Thayela Kapat-Kavadava Same Sachi Samjan Gothavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh)

2. लक्ष्मी के आधार पर हुए कषायों को देखनाा Laxmina Adhare Thayela Kashayone Jova (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh)
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