From: Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Date: 05 Feb 2016
Subject: Website Updates February 2016

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Jai Sat Chit Anand ,
Download Dadavani for the month of February. Available in various format.
Download latest Wallpaper. Desktop Wallpaper or Mobile Wallpaper
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New Spiritual-Articles
In English -Success and Failure on
Read Now
New Videos
Nai Drashti Nai Raah (in Hindi - 53 Parts).
Watch More
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New additions to the SELF HELP sections
In Gujarati - varto-vartmaanma on
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Subtitles of Beginners Videos
1. Atmani Olakh (Realize your soul)
2. Atmani Pratiti (The conviction of soul)
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New books
In Bengali:
1. Adjust Everywhere
2. Avoid Clashes
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Event Highlights
Watch Event highlights of Small Idols Pratishtha - 2015
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Subtitles of Samayiks in English
1. Observe Whatever File 1 Encounters as a File and set the awareness to settle it with equanimity - Aptavani 8, 2013 (File 1 Ne Je Je Bhegu Thay Eno Sambhave Nikal Karavani Jagruti Gothavvi)
2.By reciting the phrases of separation, separate Yourself from File 1 and separate the other person from their File - Aptavani 8, Parayan 2012 (Judapana na vakyo boline potanu - samanu judu padvu)

Adjust everywhere Avoid clashes




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