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Date: 05 Aug 2022
Subject: Website Updates August 2022

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Read August’s Dadavani to get an insight on the topic of 'સ્યાદ્વાદ વાણી'
Subtitles of Samayiks
In English:

1.Sthul Vyavhar Vakhate Sukshmma Ubha Thata Kashayone Jova (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) Parayan) (To ‘See’ the Kashay that Arise during Gross Worldly Interactions)

2.Vanki Negative Vani, Vartan ke Aantri Nakhe Teva Vyavharne Jova (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) Parayan) To See the Errant or Negative Speech or actions that create obstruction in worldly interactions (Set the Awakened Awareness of prevailing in the state of Separation when Interfering in worldly interactions)

In Hindi:

1.बावा के तन्मयाकारपना के सामने जागृति सेट करना Bavana Tanmayakarpana same Jagruti Gothavavi (Aptavani – 13 (Purvardh) Parayan)

2.चीकणी फाइलों के साथ के व्यवहार में बावा में उत्पन्न हुए कषायों के विरूद्ध पाँच आज्ञा की जागृति Chikani Filona Vyavharma Bavama Ubha Thayela Kashayo Same Panch Aagnani Jagruti (Aptavani – 13 (Uttarardh) Parayan)
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