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Date: 19 Sep 2020
Subject: Sunday 18th October UK Online Satsang - Navratri Special

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Jai Sat Chit Anand


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Avi chhe Navrangi Navratri! Chalo Jhumiye Bhaktima Dadai! 

Navratri is a festival of devotion and Bhakti, celebrated over nine nights. By worshipping Amba Maa, our worldly obstacles can be destroyed and our Prakruti becomes natural, sahaj, and energized. This year we will be celebrating Navratri in a unique way, virtually.  



Sunday 18th October 2 - 3.30 pm  



  • Asim jai jai kar and Trimantra 
  • Arti Thali Demonstration 
  • Live Bhakti  
  • Artis – Swami, Dada, AmbaMa, PadmavatiMa 
  • Kalyani Bhavna 

Arti Note: We will be doing artis all together in our homes so during that time, we will request your video to be switched on, but audio will be needed to be off. We will be highlighting children especially, participating in the Artis. 


What preparations to make? 

  1. Keep Aarti Thali ingredients ready as per below
  2. Get your children dressed up and ready to participate in the 4 Artis 
  3. Prashad offering of your choice – fruits/mithai/sweets 
  4. Decorate Swami, Dada, Ma, Mataji photos/murtis  

 Arti Thali ingredients: 

  • Steel thali 10 –12 inches – 1 
  • Rolling pin/Velan - 1 
  • Uncooked rice - 1 cup 
  • Tea lights or cotton vaat in ghee - 5 
  • Matchbox or lighter  
  • Plain flour - 3 cups 
  • Green food colour or spinach water 
  • Red food colour or Kumkum 
  • Yellow/orange food colour or Haldi  
  • Warm water as needed 


Method for making the dough in red, green, yellow colours: 

(Note: Please make the dough about an hour or so before; if made too early it tends to harden.)  

 Mix each colour in a spoonful of warm water separately. 

  1. Take 1 cup of flour, mix one colour then add enough warm water to make a medium-hard consistency dough. 
  2. Take some oil in your palm and make the dough round and smooth. 
  3. Repeat the process with the other 2 colours. 
  4. Keep all 3 doughs ready and stored in a ziplock/food storage bag. 
  5. During the event, you will be shown how to make the diyas from the prepared dough and how to decorate the Arti thali with it. So please be seated near a table/worktop on the day.  


How to join?

 1)With laptop, phone or iPad on Microsoft Teams app, by clicking on the link below:  


2)Or by phone call, dial as below: 

+44 20 8142 8464 United Kingdom, London (Toll). 

Conference ID: 664 116 361# 


User guides on Microsoft Teams: 


So come, let’s strengthen the bond of our faith and devotion towards Amba Mataji by seeking her powerful blessings to progress in life! 

Please pass this message to mahatmas around you and helping them to connect online.  

Get ready for the fun, Mahatmas!!! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  


Jai Satchitanand
National Sunday Team 


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