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Date: 06 Aug 2016
Subject: New look Hindi Website August 2016

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  Jai Sat Chit Anand ,


Hindi website in new layout:




New sections added in
Spiritual quotes
Search Dadashri's Quotes by keywords, language, or by numbers.


Submit Experience
Share your experiences - If you have a nice experience after attaining Gnan, we highly encourage you to share your experience here. This will be a tremendous help for those who are seeking permanent bliss.
Download the Wallpaper for August-2016 .


Send an e-card
Use eCards to invite your friends and family to satsangs near their location.




Read August’s Dadavani to get an insight on the topic of ’Samayik.’


New Books
In Punjabi:
1. ਕ੍ਰੋਧ (Anger)
2. ਟਕਰਾਅ ਟਾਲੋ (Avoid Clashes)
3. ਮਾਨਵ ਧਰਮ (Manav Dharma)
4. ਮੈਂ ਕੌਣ ਹਾਂ ? (Who am I )




Photo Gallery
Get a glimpse of various events such as Brazil Tour-2016 and Gurupurnima-2016 .


New Additions on
New Videos
Album- Themepark (Hindi)
Watch Now


New video
Subtitles of Beginners Videos
1. Bhagwan Kon (Who is the God?)
2. Bhagwan Kya Chhe (Where is God?)
Recent satsang
Subtitles of Samayiks
In Hindi:
1. विषय की ग्रंथि तोड़ने के लिए - Pratikraman Parayan 2009 (Vishay Ni Gaanth Todvaa Mate)
2.मोह के आधार पर होनेवाले कषाय - Aptvani 4 Parayan 2010 (Moh Naa Aadhare Thayelaa Kashaayo)
In English:
1. Pratikraman For The Mistakes That Have Happened As A Result Of The Relationship Between Boss And Servant/Employee- Klesh Vinanu Jeevan, Parayan 2013 (Boss Ane Nokar Tarikena Vyavharma Thayela Doshona Pratikraman)
2. To do Pratikraman for interactions that occurred when dealing with money- Klesh Vinanu Jeevan, Parayan 2013 (Paisana Vyavharma Thayela Kashayona Pratikraman)
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