From: Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Date: 07 Sep 2016
Subject: New Layout Gujarati Website 2016 and much more

Dadabhagwan Egroup
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Jai Sat Chit Anand .






Gujarati website in new layout
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Read Dadavani for the month of September to gain insight on the topic of કર્તાપણાની છાયામાં ઉછરતો મીઠો રસ ‘ગર્વરસ’
Available in EPUB, MOBI, HTML, Audiobook and PDF.


Desktop Wallpaper and Mobile Wallpaper
Wallpaper for the Month of September.






Photo Gallery
Enjoy the snapshots taken during Janmashtami 2016 .


New Videos
Aurangabad Satsang-2012 (Total 10 Parts: (Hindi) - 5 Parts, (Marathi) - 5 Parts )




Subtitles of Beginners Videos
1. Atmagnan thi Mukti (Freedom with Atmagnan [knowledge of the soul or self])
2. Balkone Jitvani Kala (An art of winning over children)


Recent Satsang
Paryushan Parayan-2016 satsang available on






Subtitles of Samayiks
In Hindi:
1.अहंकार के भोगवटे के विरूद्ध ज्ञान की जागृति- Aptavani 4 Parayan 2010 (Ahankaar naa Bhogavataa Same Gnaan ni Jaagruti)
2. अभिप्राय- Pratikraman Parayan 2010 (Abhipray)
In English:
1. Setting the Vision of Real and relative for the mistakes of Sexuality & its impulses- Aptavani 8 Parayan 2012 (Vishay Vikaro Dosho Same Real Relative Drashti Gothavi)
2. To accomplish the Special Directive (Agna) on Real-Relative Viewpoint- Aptavani 8 Parayan 2013 (Real-Relative View Point ni Agna Siddha Karva Mate)




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