From: Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Date: 05 Oct 2016
Subject: New Layout German and Spanish Website 2016 and much more

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Jai Sat Chit Anand , triangle
Spanish and German website in new layout
Visit Now :
Visit Now : triangle
Read October’s Dadavani, on the topic of Vivek-Vinay,Vyavahar ma. available in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML and Audiobook format.


Download the Wallpaper for October 2016.


Photo gallery
Photo Gallery
Take a look at the photographs of Paryushan Parayan 2016, Australia Tour 2016 and Auckland Tour 2016.  
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Event Highlight
Enjoy watching the videos of Janmashtami-2016
New Videos
1. Maanna Tofan (Gujarati) Total Parts -04
Subtitles of Beginners Videos
1.Bhagwan Kone Kahevay (Who can be called God?)
2.Bhagwan Mul Purushoni Drashtie (God - From the Viewpoint of the Enlightened Ones)
Samayiks with Subtitles
New Samayiks with Hindi subtitles have been added on the following topics. (Please click on ’cc’ to view the Hindi / English subtitles)
Hindi subtitles
1. पुद्गल सुखों के रीपेमेन्ट के समय ज्ञान की जागृति - Aptavani 4 Parayan 2010 (Pudgal Sukho Naa Repayment Vakhate Gnaan ni Jaagruti)
2. काबिलीयत का अहंकार - Aptavani 4 Parayan 2010 (Aavdat No Ahankaar)
English subtitles
1. To Observe the Faults That Occur with Fellow Spiritual Colleagues during Satsang Interactions-Aptavani 7, Parayan 2014 (Satsangna Vyhvarma Sahadhyaio Sathe Thayela Doshone Jova)
2. The inner hidden enemies of anger, pride, deceit and greed that occur with our sticky files- Aptavani 4, Parayan 2010 (Chikni Filo Sathe Na Kashayo)
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