From: Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Date: 03 Dec 2021
Subject: IMPORTANT: Travel guidelines for Mahatmas from outside India

Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Jai Sat Chit Anand

Many of you have planned or are in the process of planning to travel to Simandhar City in December and January for Parayan, Pratishtha, WMHT and MMHT events.


Bearing in mind the current global scenario and Corona virus, Mahatmas MUST take note of the following guidelines and plan their travels accordingly:


As of today (1st Dec 21), since the occurrence of the Omicron version of the virus, the Indian government rules are as below:

  1. All passengers from “at-risk” countries will have to provide a 14 days travel history.
  2. All passengers from “at-risk” countries will have to undergo a RTPCR test at the airport and will not be released until a negative report has been submitted.
  3. Even if found negative, passengers are still required to quarantine at home for seven days.
  4. On 8th day, passengers have to be retested.
  5. If found positive at the airport (upon arrival) or at home on the 8th day, quarantine will be extended to 14 days. This quarantine period may be at a special medical facility designated by the government.
  6. The list of countries deemed "at-risk" for now includes the United Kingdom, all 44 countries in Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Israel. The government will add more countries to this list as the virus continues to spread.
  7. The Indian government has suspended ALL previously issued visa and all visitors must apply for new evisa. Important point to note is that the new visa validity is maximum of 30 days only.


In Simandhar City, Amba Health Centre & Hospital, Corona Action Team and Hospitality Team will follow and apply all of the above government rules and guidelines. Mahatmas must take note of this and also be prepared for any changes in government guidelines at any time.


Our advice and guidelines are as below:

  • All Mahatmas arriving into Simandhar City/ATPL from outside India must show proof of double vaccination and negative RTPCR test upon arrival, and will be required to quarantine depending on government guidelines at that time
  • All Mahatmas will have to complete and submit an arrival form at the security gates upon arrival.
  • This form will be reviewed by Amba Health Centre & Hospital and Mahatmas should be prepared for further quarantine days if required and advised.
  • Quarantine facilities within Simandhar City/ATPL are very basic and can be challenging.
  • Entry into Satsang hall will only be for Mahatmas with negative RTPCR reports. 
  • Mahatmas are encouraged not to plan short trips to attend specific events only, instead they should plan longer stay so that if quarantined or isolated their travel plans are not disrupted and their stay is worthwhile.
  • Mahatmas are encouraged not to travel alone, particularly elderly or senior citizens, instead they should be travelling with someone who can act as a carer or look after them during challenging situations.
  • Mahatmas without a home in Simandhar City/ATPL should re-think about travelling and avoid where possible.
  • Mahatmas without a house in Simandhar City/ATPL may find it difficult to get internet connection for viewing online satsangs.


Kindly note, the above guidelines is not to discourage mahatmas to come to Simandhar City but it is for the safety and wellness of all Mahatmas. All Mahtams are requested to give their full cooperation and support.


Jai Sat Chit Anand

  • Amba Health Centre & Hospital
  • Corona Action Team
  • Hospitality Team

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