From: Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Date: 07 Jan 2017
Subject: Highlights of Pujya Niruma's Birthday and much more January 2017

Dadabhagwan Egroup
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Jai Sat Chit Anand ,




Dadavani available in various format.




Desktop Wallpaper and Mobile Wallpaper for the Month of January.


Event Highlight


Watch Event Highlights of Pujya Niruma's Birthday - 2016 .


Photo Gallery

Enjoy the snapshots taken during Dada's Punyatithi 2017 and Parayan and Pratishtha 2016


New Videos

Theme Park (English)
Whatever Has Happened Is Justice
The Essence of Religion
The Science of inner intent
Is it Possible to Acquire Self-Realization Even While Living a Worldly Life
Who is the Doer ?


Subtitles of Beginners Videos

1. Bhogve Teni Bhul (Fault is of the sufferer)
2. Brahmacharya Samjanthi (Celibacy with understanding) .


New Books

In Oriya

2.Avoid Clashes
4.Manav Dharma

In Bengali


In Hindi

1. आप्तवाणी श्रेणी-९ (Aptavani – 9)

In Assamese

1. Dadabhagwan Nu Atmavignan


Subtitles of Samayiks

In Hindi

1. संस्था के प्रमुख, सदस्यों या संस्था के लिए किए हुए नेगेटिव- Aptavani 4 Parayan 2010 (Sansthaa maate thayelaa negative)
2. पाँच इन्द्रियों के सुख- Aptavani 4 Parayan 2010 (Paanch Indriyo naa sukh)

In English

1. Analyzing where we miss out on doing penance - Aptavani 4 Parayan 2011 (Kai rite Taap Chukay Chhe Enu Analysis)
2. To see the bitter – sweet sufferings - Pujya Deepakbhai Sange Satsang Thi Soneri Prabhat (Kadva Mitha Bhogvatane Jova)


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