From: Dada Bhagwan Egroup
Date: 12 Nov 2021
Subject: Exciting News About Dada Bhagwan App

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Dada Bhagwan App
at your fingertips
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Exciting News for All Mahatmas!

New features have been added in the official Dada Bhagwan App. It is necessary to install or update the App for getting advantage of these new features.

Everyday you need the app.
It's providing a simple interface and direct access to the various satsang media of Param Pujya DadaBhagwan, Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai in the form of books, photos, ringtones, magazines, audios, videos etc. on their mobile over the internet.
All these features and more have been specifically tailored to help Mahatmas climb the steps of spiritual progress.
Create your own playlists of the videos and audios you like.
Press the 'heart' button on any of the audios, videos, books and magazines you like and view them in the section.
Add the videos that you want to watch later.
Download audios,eBooks and magazines and use them offline at any time
Turn on Night Theme and set primary colors to make viewing more comfortable.
Available Now
With a light version and a simple interface, you get an instant access to the various satsang media directly onto your mobile over the internet.
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